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NSCB Committee

The committee is made up of volunteers from the band and its supporters who are elected to run, develop and maintain the Newark and Sherwood Concert Band organisation in line with the band's constitution.


Richard Williams


​I’ve spent the last 35 years in the banking industry and for the last 10 years have been a property director with a major bank.  I did actually start work in Newark and whilst over the years I have worked in various roles across the Midlands I have lived here for over 30 years.​I have played bassoon in NSCB for about 6 years and after 2 years as secretary, am honoured to now be chair.  I played the bassoon until I was 17 and then stopped for 30 years.  I really would encourage anyone who played an instrument and gave it up to give it another go - one the best decision I have ever made!


Alison Brown


Hi! I’m Alison and I am the secretary for the band. I joined the band in 2011 and play clarinet (or try to at least . . . . .).
I’m a microbiologist by trade and currently sell centrifuges into academia and pharmaceutical companies. 
I’m married to my husband Jay, and we have 2 boys – Finley, my eldest, who plays drums in the band, and Ashton, who can often be seen running around in between rehearsals and at concerts . . . . 
​In my spare time I’m a beekeeper and also keep chickens and love spending time in the garden.


Richard Birch


Bio coming soon...


Cathryn O'Shea

Website, Publicity & Media

Hi, I’m Cathryn. I'm an Information Security Manager which involves a lot of paperwork, audits, and data protection queries. I also help with the design, development, and testing of websites and on occasion, a little bit of technical support. It sounds very boring - but I love my job and the company I work for is fantastic!


I got married between Christmas and New Year 2019 to the Musical Director, Colum who has been my best friend since we were teenagers.  It's not just my husband who conducts, until recently I've been the conductor of the Deepcar Brass Band in Sheffield. Outside of music, I love our dog, Jetson, real ale, gin, and sitting in a beer garden with friends on the rare weekends we're not making music!


Sarah MacNish


Bio coming soon...


Hannah Bond
Committee member

Bio coming soon...


Colum O'Shea

Musical Director


I am Colum. I am a qualified Funeral Director and Civil Celebrant working in Nottinghamshire, as well as Cornet player and Conductor.

I am the youngest of my own family, and live with my lovely wife, Cathryn. My hobbies are almost all musical, performing regularly around the country. 

​My interests away from the band are cooking, visiting family and most recently, working my way through the Marvel Universe films on Disney+


James Wood

Assistant Musical Director

Musical Director NSDB 


I am a gin distiller for my own company:

The Gentlemen Distillers. We make gins that promote music and banding across the country, this means visiting brass band contests all over and making special batches of gin for special occasions. Being able to combine my passions for music and distilling really does make for a dream job! 
​My fiancée Shelby got me into the band back in 2018, she plays euphonium in the band and is one of our longest serving members. I’m also extremely fortunate to have very supportive parents who put up with me learning the tuba for years! 

As well as being the band’s assistant musical director, I also conduct the Newark and Sherwood Development Band. Being able to work with people either learning or relearning an instrument is immensely rewarding. 

Any other spare time I might have is taken up as assistant musical director of the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Concert Band. 
One of my real pleasures is being able to meet with friends from the band after a successful rehearsal and relax with a good gin and tonic in hand!

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